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U2 Wins 4 GRAMMY Awards!
Bono and his Gretsch “Irish Falcon”

Tuesday, February 26th, 2002

Story by UEC

Bono Bono, with his Gretsch “Irish Falcon” in hand, hit the stage with U2 for an exciting night at the 44th Annual GRAMMY Awards! U2 picked up Record of the Year for “Walk On”, Best Rock Album for “All That You Can’t Leave Behind”, Best Song by a Pop Duo or Group for “Stuck in a Moment That You Can’t Get Out Of” and Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal for “Elevation”.

Alicia Keys pipped U2 for total number of awards taking five including Best Song for “Fallin”, as well as Best New Artist and three R&B awards. One of the biggest surprises of the night was the Best Album award going to the film soundtrack for O Brother Where Art Thou ? (more…)

New “Elliot Easton” Synchromatic Jet
Cool Performance at a Great Price!

Friday, February 8th, 2002

Elliot Easton Jet Model Synchromatic Makes Debut

Model G1570

Elliot Easton Following the successful addition of the popular Elliot Easton model Gretsch Professional guitar to the Gretsch lineup in 1999, the Gretsch Guitar Company proudly adds the new Elliot Easton Jet Synchromatic Electric guitar, G1570, to their ever-expanding lineup of great-looking Synchromatic Electrics. Gretsch’s stylish Synchromatic Electric guitars deliver what today’s guitar players want-cool performance at an outstanding value. (more…)

New Gretsch Double-Neck
Six-String Bass/Guitar

Thursday, February 7th, 2002

New Gretsch Double-Neck Six-String Bass/Guitar

Model G1566

G1566 Doubleneck Understanding that sometimes playing just a guitar or just a bass won’t do, the Gretsch Guitar Company now offers the new Double Neck Six-String Bass/Guitar, Synchromatic Electric model G1566. Gretsch’s line of newly re-introduced Synchromatic Electric guitars offer easy-playing, good-looking, and great-sounding guitars at an outstanding value. Gretsch Synchromatic guitars of the 1950s laid the stepping stones for the next generation of successful Gretsch electrics that players own and enjoy today. (more…)

A Gretsch Item For The History Books
Their First Bass Guitar With Bigsby Vibrato

Wednesday, February 6th, 2002

Gretsch Adds An Item For The History Books With Their First Bass Guitar With Bigsby Vibrato

Model G1255

G1255 The Gretsch Guitar Company has proudly added the new Baritone/Bass guitar, model G1255, to their line of great-looking Synchromatic Electric guitars. For the first time in Gretsch history, a Bigsby vibrato will be featured on a bass guitar, giving the bass player the use of a fully functional vibrato.

The Synchromatic line of guitars has steadily grown since its reintroduction a few short years ago. In 1939, Gretsch revolutionized the guitar world by introducing the legendary Synchromatic line of guitars which had breathtaking looks and innovative constructions principles. (more…)

Welcome To The Gretsch Booth!
Winter NAMM 2002 – Anaheim, CA

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2002

Story by UEC


Gretsch at Namm Welcome to the Gretsch Booth at Winter NAMM 2002! It was another ground breaking show, bringing in the new year with lots of new gear. There was plenty to see as Gretsch unveiled several new products at the opening of the show including the re-release of the 75th Anniversary GRETSCH-AMERICAN Drum Series! The news went live online, right here on the Gretsch HEADLINE NEWS as the NAMM Show opened Thursday morning the 17th!

For the drum enthusiast, there certainly was plenty to check out! The hall was full of Gretsch Drum kits everywhere including the incredible 75th Anniversary GRETSCH-AMERICAN Drum Series, three unique designs, developed by the Gretsch Drum Factory team of Gene Haugh, Paul Cooper, Lena Thomas, and President, Fred Gretsch, with input from drum endorsers, Harvey Mason and Vinnie Colaiuta. The Gretsch Renown Maple Series, was nominated for Best New Acoustic Drum Set in the 2001 Music and Sound Retailer Awards! The booth maintained a continuous flow of drum artists “extraordinaire” including; Denny Seiwell, Harvey Mason, Vinnie Colaiuta, Bruce Gary, Alvino Bennett, Stan Frazier, Paul Goldberg, Steve Ferrone, and Bobby Tait to name a few. Gretsch drums were played and autographs handed out!

For guitar players, there were several new pieces on hand as well as fine examples of the current Gretsch line-up. New at this show, the 6119-62HT Tennessee Rose was being closely eyed by Gretsch fanatics for accuracy to detail. This guitar is a faithful re-creation of the early sixties Electrotone hollow-body guitar with a single cutaway body and vintage style HiLo’Tron pickups. And it looked like no one could put down the new 6120N Nashville that was played non-stop throughout the show. It was hard to miss this striking instrument staring you in the face as you entered the guitar room with it’s beautiful, arched top body finished in that piercing, classic “Gretsch” orange.

75th Anniversary Gretsch – American Drums
Honoring America and the American Worker

Saturday, January 5th, 2002

75th Anniversary Gretsch-American Drum Series honors America and the American worker with three colorful Red,White, & Blue designs.

In 1927, Charles Lindbergh completed the first solo flight across the Atlantic, Ford produced their fifteen millionth Model T, the first “talking” motion picture was released, and the Fred Gretsch Manufacturing Company introduced the historic GRETSCH-AMERICAN drum series. Now, 75 years later, The Gretsch Drum Company is introducing a new GRETSCH-AMERICAN drum series with three special red, white, and blue patriotic finishes at the Winter 2002 NAMM Show.

The three unique designs were developed by the Gretsch Drum Factory team of Gene Haugh, Paul Cooper, Lena Thomas, and Fred Gretsch, President of The Gretsch Company. Two Gretsch drum endorsers, Harvey Mason and Vinnie Colaiuta, who will have limited-edition snare drum models, also submitted their input as well as encouragement to the re-release of the GRETSCH-AMERICAN drum series. For each Harvey Mason and Vinnie Colaiuta model sold, Gretsch will make a donation to the New York City Relief Fund for the victims and families of the September 11, 2001 tragedy. (more…)

The Gretsch-American Drum Team
Continues a Long Held Family Tradition

Friday, January 4th, 2002

Drum Series Seventy-Fifth Anniversary

The Gretsch Drum Company is one of the oldest music companies in America and has been manufacturing high-quality drums by hand with the best materials available since 1883. Drum innovations and product development “firsts” are also a rich part of Gretsch’s long musical history.

Fred Gretsch Sr In the early 1920’s, under the visionary leadership of Fred Gretsch, Sr., the son of founder Friedrich Gretsch, the Brooklyn-based Gretsch Company developed and perfected the multi ply drum lamination process. This revolutionary new construction method had tremendous advantages over the then-current method of steam bending wood. Drum shells and hoops were not only lighter, but were more perfectly round and stronger. In fact, Gretsch was the first drum company to guarantee their hoops and shells to hold their perfect round and not warp. (more…)

Welcome Back Beautiful Tennessee Rose
This Single Cutaway Hollowbody

Thursday, January 3rd, 2002

The 1962 Tennessee Rose is a radically different instrument from its late fifties, early sixties predecessors. This guitar is a faithful re-creation of the early sixties Electrotone hollow-body guitar with a single, not double, cutaway body. The Tennessee Rose (known as the Tennessean in the sixties) was the most basic of Gretsch’s sixties hollow body line up with the Country Gentleman and Nashville.

The 1962 Tennessee Rose reissue has a distinctive dark cherry red, hand-polished finish. The guitar’s maple laminate body is 16″ wide and 2″ deep with simulated f-hole top. Gretsch has also brought back the original sixties vintage HiLo’Tron pickups. The HiLo’Trons are single coiled pickups that bring “Brilliant highs” and “Mellow lows” giving an extra lively response to this wonderful Tennessean sound. (more…)