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Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young Tour With Gretsch Guitars

Wednesday, August 7th, 2002

Legendary rockers, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young recently finished a successful Spring Tour of the US. With a few stops in Canada, the tour rolled through over 40(no pun intended) venues in a little over 2 months. The nearly 4 hour performances were true “concert events” capturing the bands’ greatest and latest tunes. Those in attendance were treated with acoustic and electric sets, and as always, powerful harmonies.

Both Stephen Stills and Neil Young were seen playing their Gretsch Guitars: New White Falcons , a classic Nashville, and even an old Stereo Falcon. Young was also working the Bigsby during classic jams like “Southern Man” and “Cinnamon Girl”; in full Rock mode. “He was wailin’ on the guitar during the entire electric set…the band was really tight, and the vocals were dead on” said Joe Savage, a dedicated CSNY fan who attended the first Philly Show. (more…)

Summer Nashville NAMM – 2002! Music City America

Monday, July 22nd, 2002

Gretsch Booth – 1003

Gretsch Yes, it was another hot time hanging on the corner in Nashville with Gretsch at booth 1003. Folks from all over stopped by to say “hi” and check out all the Gretsch Products including: Drums, Guitars and Gear.

Those interested in the finest drums on the planet were treated to Custom Series, Grand Prix Walnut, Jazz Blue Pearls and of course, the legendary 6 ply snares; second-to-none in the business. It was a real treat for those who appreciate hand workmanship using the best materials; continuing in the Gretsch tradition since 1883. We happened to hear a great player lay down some beats on a USA Maple kit with a satin blue oil finish. Hands down, it was the best sounding kit on the floor: the kick was round and warm….tight(in the pocket) snare…..the toms were full and perfectly balanced….The overall sound can best be described as “satisfying.” (more…)

Elliot Easton Visits Gretsch Factory Hilton Head Concert With CCR

Wednesday, July 17th, 2002

Factory Tour

Gretsch Gretsch artist, Elliot Easton, recently made a stop at the Gretsch guitar factory while on tour with Creedence Clearwater Revisited. The band was scheduled to perform at the beautiful Harbour Town Resort on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Before the show, Elliot took time to visit the Ridgeland S.C. Plant to check out the recent developments from Gretsch guitars. Elliot was stunned when he saw the over whelming display of sweet looking lefties! Accompanied by President, Fred Gretsch, Elliot sampled a few choice axes fresh from the factory floor, including a few of his namesake, Signature Model Jets as well as an incredible Smoke Green Anniversary, a Synchromatic Historic, a “Get Square” Bo Diddley and a beautiful ‘59 Re-Issue White Falcon. (more…)

Don’t Miss Your Chance To Win This Great Gretsch Drum Gear!

Thursday, May 2nd, 2002

Kaman Music and Drum Magazine have gotten together to create this incredible Gretsch drum giveaway. You can get more information and complete an entry form by picking up a copy of the latest issue of Drum Magazine. You may enter as many times as you wish, but only one bound-in entry card per issue will be accepted per respondent. The drawing will take place September 9th 2002, so get your entries in early! (more…)

Welcome To The Gretsch Booth!
Winter NAMM 2002 – Anaheim, CA

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2002

Story by UEC


Gretsch at Namm Welcome to the Gretsch Booth at Winter NAMM 2002! It was another ground breaking show, bringing in the new year with lots of new gear. There was plenty to see as Gretsch unveiled several new products at the opening of the show including the re-release of the 75th Anniversary GRETSCH-AMERICAN Drum Series! The news went live online, right here on the Gretsch HEADLINE NEWS as the NAMM Show opened Thursday morning the 17th!

For the drum enthusiast, there certainly was plenty to check out! The hall was full of Gretsch Drum kits everywhere including the incredible 75th Anniversary GRETSCH-AMERICAN Drum Series, three unique designs, developed by the Gretsch Drum Factory team of Gene Haugh, Paul Cooper, Lena Thomas, and President, Fred Gretsch, with input from drum endorsers, Harvey Mason and Vinnie Colaiuta. The Gretsch Renown Maple Series, was nominated for Best New Acoustic Drum Set in the 2001 Music and Sound Retailer Awards! The booth maintained a continuous flow of drum artists “extraordinaire” including; Denny Seiwell, Harvey Mason, Vinnie Colaiuta, Bruce Gary, Alvino Bennett, Stan Frazier, Paul Goldberg, Steve Ferrone, and Bobby Tait to name a few. Gretsch drums were played and autographs handed out!

For guitar players, there were several new pieces on hand as well as fine examples of the current Gretsch line-up. New at this show, the 6119-62HT Tennessee Rose was being closely eyed by Gretsch fanatics for accuracy to detail. This guitar is a faithful re-creation of the early sixties Electrotone hollow-body guitar with a single cutaway body and vintage style HiLo’Tron pickups. And it looked like no one could put down the new 6120N Nashville that was played non-stop throughout the show. It was hard to miss this striking instrument staring you in the face as you entered the guitar room with it’s beautiful, arched top body finished in that piercing, classic “Gretsch” orange.

Gretsch Presents Guitar Clinics Featuring Tom Jones of TV Jones Guitars!

Wednesday, September 12th, 2001

Story by UEC

Tom Jones – TVJones Gretsch Guitars is proud to present Tom Jones, of TV Jones Guitars, in several small, informative clinics in the Southern California area. The clinics will cover basic guitar setup, operation, customizing and how to get the most out of your Gretsch guitar!

Some of the topics that Tom will discuss include how the basic Gretsch components work, such as their unique switches and controls. Tom will discuss the wide variety of pickups available and how they differ. He will talk about how to adjust your pickups and fine tune them for optimum performance. He will also cover bridge adjustments, saddle alignment, intonation as well as what happens when you change string gauges and how to make truss rod adjustments to compensate. To demonstrate some of these tips and techniques, Tom will perform an actual setup on a stock Gretsch guitar. (more…)

HUGE EQUIPMENT SALE at Fred Gretsch Enterprises Ridgeland SC plant

Monday, September 3rd, 2001

Story by UEC

Out of use tools and equipment no longer needed for production, for sale by Fred Gretsch Enterprises at their Ridgeland, SC plant. Mostly woodworking machinery and related items. Also, racking, shelving, metal conveyors, maple veneer, etc.

* For more Details Contact: Robert Krueger or Tel/Fax 864-879-4657.

Gretsch Enjoys Another Strong Showing at Nashville Namm Show!

Monday, August 13th, 2001

Story by UEC


In the sweltering summer heat of Nashville, the 2001 Namm show was as busy as ever with the hustle and bustle of music industry manufacturers, retailers and deal makers everywhere. One constant locale of non-stop traffic was the Gretsch Exhibit. The booth was packed with a wall of beautiful guitars and custom built drum kits! It attracted a continuous flow of players and enthusiasts alike.

For the guitar fanatics, there were beautiful new 6012 Series Acoustics in a variety of custom colors, a collection of “souped-up” Setzer Hot Rods, the gorgeous Stephen Stills, Duane Eddy and Elliot Easton Signature Series and the all new handmade Spectrasonics guitars that drew attention for their unique styling. The booth was chock full a Jets; Sparkle Jets, Double Jets, Junior Jets, Duo Jets, Jets, Jets and more Jets! Many of the instruments were outfitted with Bigsby Vibratos; the classic tailpiece that adds beauty and tone to any guitar. (more…)