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Twist and Shout with Three Classic Beatles-Era Guitar Reissues – George Harrison’s Axes of Choice!

Monday, April 16th, 2001

When the Beatles made their legendary debut on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964, a mop-topped George Harrison was front and center stage playing a Gretsch Country Gentleman. Overnight, Beatlemania spread from coast to coast and Harrison became the most famous lead guitarist on the planet. With Beatlemania showing no signs of fading (the recent Beatles 1 release is a Billboard #1 seller), Gretsch proudly reissues three classic electric guitars that were George Harrison’s main axes of choice in the early to mid ’60s. They include:

1957 Duo Jet (G6128T-57)

According to Harrison, this was his first “real American guitar” and his sentimental favorite Gretsch. Purchased around 1960 from money earned from the Beatles’ famous Hamburg gigs, Harrison’s ‘57 black Duo-Jet was used on the group’s early recording sessions and concert appearances. The ‘57 Duo Jet has been faithfully reproduced with brilliant DynaSonicTM dual pickups, a jet black arched maple top with mahogany neck, back and sides, distinctive humped-block inlays, a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece, and more chrome hardware than a ‘57 Chevy.

Country Classic (G6122-62)

This twin-cutaway beauty is the shape and sound that helped launch the second British Invasion. The Gretsch ‘62 Country Classic is a faithful reproduction of the “King George” guitar Harrison played on the Ed Sullivan Show appearances and the Beatles’ historic ‘64 U.S. tour. This stunning guitar features a hand-polished walnut stain finish, 24K gold-plated metal parts (including the distinctive headstock name plate), dual high-sensitive FilterTronTM pickups, a stand-by switch, simulated f-holes, and a Gretsch Bigsby flat handle vibrato tailpiece. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

Tennessee Rose (G6119-62)

You’ll recognize this single-cutaway bestseller as the guitar George Harrison picked in the movie Help! as well as the Beatles’ legendary Shea Stadium concert in August 1965. Finished in its distinctive dark, cherry-red stain with handsome silver-gray pickguard, the ‘62 Tennessee Rose features dual high-sensitive FilterTronTM pickups, a stand-by switch, white outlined simulated f-holes, neoclassic position markers, and a Gretsch Bigsby vibrato tailpiece.

Ruben Ruiz: ‘Nsync’s Guitarist Tours the World with Thousands of Screaming Fans … and Gretsch Guitars!

Saturday, April 14th, 2001

The guitarist for one of the hottest vocal quintet acts on the planet loves music, comic books, Orlando, Playstation – and his Brian Setzer Gretsch guitars. In exchange for using a friend’s studio facility (Backstreet Boys, producer Veit Renn) at no cost for Ruiz’s “Principal” band project, Ruben agreed to play a guitar track on a demo song for a new group called “‘Nsync.” When the group exploded up the pop charts, Ruben was asked to join the vocal group’s band to play guitar and keyboard. The last three years has seen the quintet rise to become one of the biggest tickets in the world. In fact the group won numerous 2000 Billboard Awards including Album of the Year (“No Strings Attached”), Top 40 Artist of the Year, and a special award for the biggest one-week sales ever (over 2.4 million units). Onstage’ Ruben has to compete with lasers, videos, banks of lights, and thousands of screaming fans, but his dazzling purple Gretsch Brian Setzer Hot Rod and highly flamed orange Gretsch Setzer 6120 guitars more than hold their own.

Joe Perry Plays His Big Gretsch on Saturday Night Live and Super Bowl!

Tuesday, March 27th, 2001

Did you happen to catch Saturday Night Live this past weekend? If you did, you got to witness Aerosmith with Joe Perry playing his big, classic Gretsch Hollowbody, the same one he uses in the new video “Jaded.”

What a band! What a guitar!

How about that killer appearance at the Super Bowl XXXV half-time show? If you missed that, …well, too bad! Aerosmith rocked out with NSYNC, Britney Spears and Mary J Blige, what a show! Joe was totally awesome brandishing that beautiful White Falcon that shined so bright on stage!

Don’t forget to watch VH-1 this Wed, March 21st at 9pm to see Aerosmith be inducted into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame! They will be performing during the ceremony and if we’re lucky, we might get to see Joe play the square Bo Diddley Gretsch he just got from us.

Also, check their website for cool wallpaper for your desktop (with Joe & his Gretsch)!!

It’s so awesome to see Gretsch in the hands of such a great guitarist and musician!

Gretsch adds Bigsby website!

Monday, March 5th, 2001

The Bangles On Tour With Gretsch!
Those Peterson Sisters can Jam!

Sunday, October 22nd, 2000

The Bangles are back in the studio recording a new album after a mini tour, a VH1 “Behind the Music” and a VH1 live concert appearance. Long time Gretsch Drum endorser, Debbi Peterson has been joined in the Gretsch family by her sister Vicki, who is now playing a Gretsch Country Classic Junior (pictured) and a Tennessee Rose on tour and in the studio.

Formerly known as the Colours, the Bangs and finally the Bangles, this all-female Los Angeles quartet mastered the art of melodic west coast guitar-based pop and, like the Go-Go’s immediately before them, led the way for all-female groups in the latter half of the 80s. (more…)

Gretsch At Summer Namm 2000 Nashville July 21 – 23

Sunday, July 23rd, 2000

Story & Photos by UEC

Nashville Namm July 21 Thru 23

NAMM It was another strong showing for Gretsch at The Summer NAMM Show in Nashville. The booth was teaming with activity throughout the 3 day event. Those in attendance got a first hand look at all the fine guitar and drum gear that has made Gretsch famous. The return of 2 “Classic” finishes, White Marine Pearl and Caribbean Blue, caught the eye of those in the percussion department.

The guitar section was busy with many visitors eyeing up the Brian Setzer Hot Rod Guitars, in 4 dazzling colors. The NEW Gretsch Historic Series Guitars, Stephen Stills and Elliot Easton signature models were also on display. Some of the artists to stop by the booth during the show included Jack Gavin, Pat McDonald, Jimmie Fadden, Gregg Stocki, Duane Eddy, and Kim Richey.

Fans Meet with Guitar Legend Duane Eddy at the Springfield, NJ Guitar Center!

Thursday, June 22nd, 2000

Story by UEC

SPRINGFIELD, NJ – Saturday, June 24th at 1:00 pm, Duane Eddy met with fans and guitar enthusiasts alike at the Springfield, New Jersey Guitar Center! The event was co-sponsored by Guitar Center and Gretsch Guitars. Along with the opportunity to meet Duane, fans also witnessed a unique Gretsch Guitar Show with over 50 different models including one-of-a-kind guitars, prototypes, vintage classics and more!

Guitar Center store manager and gracious host, Jim Peters, was waiting to assist Duane when he arrived. The parking lot had already filled with anxious fans lining up to meet him. Even a local Cable Station that got word of his scheduled appearance received a unique opportunity to interview Duane. (more…)

Gretsch Guitars debut in Monkees Movie

Tuesday, June 13th, 2000

“DAYDREAM BELIEVERS: THE MONKEES STORY,” Features Gretsch Guitars For Authentic Story Reproduction

Story by UEC

Monkees The Gretsch Company provided musical instruments to be used in the new movie “Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story,” to air on VH-1 Wednesday, June 28, at 9:00 PM, ET/PT. The original Monkees Series aired on television in the mid sixties and featured custom Gretsch Guitars and Drums. For authentic appearance in the new movie, the producers requested Gretsch to provide instruments similar to those originally used.

The Story – Four young actors beat out hundreds of others to be cast as “The Monkees” for a new TV show based on a fictional rock band. The show becomes a smash hit, and The Monkees ride the crest of their manufactured hit singles to become international sensations – until they start believing that they’re the real thing. (more…)