Drum great Vinnie Colaiuta discovers Gretsch Factory Vineyard!

Story by UEC

While on a recent visit to the Gretsch Drum Factory, artist, endorser, Vinnie Colaiuta came across some neat, New Old Stock(NOS) of Gretsch Drums buried on the shelves way in the back of the warehouse. Being completely blown away by this incredible discovery, Vinnie continued to wander the factory floor and was heard to repeatedly mumble the words “it’s a VINEYARD, …a GRETSCH FACTORY VINEYARD!”

WOW, just discovered in the Vineyard…

an assortment of Gretsch USA made drum parts in real gold plate finish. These parts are all circa 1983…….almost 20 years old now. They are all ‘NOS’(new old stock) and may be showing some age. Perfect for the collector or the customizer who wants gold plated touches on their Gretsch or other brand drums. Available while supply lasts, first come first served basis. Order through your favorite Gretsch drum dealer.

Something Old from GRETSCH!

70’s Gretsch Kit !! …New old stock !!

Never shipped !!

This kit is but one of the gems hanging around in the vineyard at the factory

Natural Maple Finish

  • 14×22 bass drum with G4969 disappearing spurs and G4945 tom mount
  • 9×13 mounted tom with G9020 tom bracket
  • 12×15 mounted tom with G9020 tom bracket
  • 16×18 floor tom with G4820 diamond plate brackets and G9039 legs

Something New from GRETSCH

New custom kits – 4 week delivery !!!

Kits Available:

BeBop- 14×18, 8×12, 14×14 – Rosewood, Walnut, Millennium Maple

Grand Prix-16×20, 8×10, 8×12, 14×14 – Rosewood, Walnut, Millennium Maple

Fusion- 16×22, 9×10, 10×12, 12×14, 14×16- Walnut

Drilling Options Available:

Bass drums- available with or without mounting plate and your choice of G5975 or GGSCBS4 Gibraltar spurs

Toms- available with G9020 bracket or RIMS style mount

Floor Toms- available with legs or hang with RIMS style mount

Snare Drums- your choice of the Gretsch Lightning Throw-off and Butt Plate or Nickel Drumworks Piston Drive Throw-off and Butt Plate

Choose any Gretsch Permatone head combination:

Toms- coated, clear, pinstripe

Bass- batter side- powestroke3 or coated, resonant side- ebony logo or coated logo

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