Fred & Joe Show: Redbone did it right!

What a great event at Redbone Guitar Boutique in San Antonio on July 18. Redbone did it right! The Fred & Joe Show started at 4:00 p.m. with 75 plus people in attendance - some enthusiasts driving over two hours to attend. Richard Turner (owner) and Scott Stephens (manager) estimated at least 40 percent of attendees had never been to Redbone before. It was a great turnout for sure. King Pelican played two sets of surf and 60s instrumental music before the Fred & Joe Show began, and they killed it! And, yes, they play Gretsch! Thanks to Richard and everyone at Redbone as well as the fans that came out for the event.

Redbone Guitar Boutique - Gretsch Day 043

Redbone Guitar Boutique - Gretsch Day 005

One Response to “Fred & Joe Show: Redbone did it right!”

  1. Keelan Conley says:

    My father has a Gretsch double neck bikini bass and guitar…..I have done some prelim research and know the market is soft.

    He has a particular affection to the piece and has been a musician off and on his entire life.

    Not that he would sell it especially in this market but if he did I know he would rather have it go to the right person.

    Contact me with any information, opinions, ect on the piece.