Ladies First . . . A Salute To Gretsch’s Distaff Side

We love to showcase Gretsch artists here on And we particularly love to feature female artists, because . . . well, frankly, there aren’t enough of them in the music business today, and we’d like to see that change. So it’s with great pleasure that we’re currently featuring not one but two terrific female musicians in the Featured Artist section of

Cindy Blackman

Dinah & Fred Gretsch with Cindy Blackman (Photo by Dino Perucci)

Dinah & Fred Gretsch with Cindy Blackman (Photo by Dino Perucci)

While, as we said, females are under-represented among all instrumentalists, it’s particularly rare to find a high-profile, multi-talented woman behind a set of drums. But that’s exactly where you’ll find the great Cindy Blackman. Actually, Cindy is no stranger to drummers “in the know.” She’s been a legitimate drumming star for many years. She’s perhaps best known to the music world in general as the driving force behind rocker Lenny Kravitz—a position she’s held for approximately fourteen years. But Cindy is also a dyed-in-the-wool jazzer, with a particular reverence for the legendary Tony Williams (himself a long-time Gretsch artist). Cindy has several critically-acclaimed jazz albums as a bandleader to her credit, and she’s appeared at many of the major jazz and music festivals. You can learn more about Cindy’s past and present career at

Lynda Kay

Fred Gretsch & Joe Carducci with Lynda Kay

Fred Gretsch & Joe Carducci with Lynda Kay

While it’s not so rare to see a female country singer in the spotlight these days, it is rare to see one whose singing style is tied to a particular guitar. But that’s the case with Lynda Kay, an artist who’s  described as being “like Patsy Cline and Kitty Wells all rolled up into one.” The Texas-born singer/guitarist conjures the ghosts of classic country’s past, including the songwriting influences of Willie Nelson and Roy Orbison. Her voice—which has been described as “furiously beautiful” and “fringed with hand-wringing regret”—is complemented perfectly by the twangy sound of her recently re-issued Gretsch 6130 Knotty Pine Roundup guitar. It’s a match made in musical heaven. Find out more at

Gretsch salutes these two talented ladies. And we encourage all musically-inclined women out there to take Cindy and Lynda as examples and inspirations. Get out there and play!

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2 Responses to “Ladies First . . . A Salute To Gretsch’s Distaff Side”

  1. Thank you for the mention among these great Gretsch artists! My website is

    -Elizabeth Elkins/The Swear

  2. Hello, I am a female Gretsch fan / artist. I play a Gretsch Chet Atkins, Country Gentlemen and a Gretsch White Falcon. My picture with my White Falcon was on the front page of your website as part of your “Show Me Your Gretsch” promo. Thank you for using my photo.

    I have a few videos of me playing my Gretsch on my music website along with a link to your website with my “Show Me Your Gretsch” page. Please check out my music, if interested.

    I have opened for major recording acts, Rascal Flatts, Travis Tritt, Big and Rich, Patty Loveless and more. I have also written with some famous Singer Songwriters like Mark Gray (former lead singer of Exile, who wrote “The Closer You Get” for Alabama, “Nice Girls” for Mellissa Manchester).

    I travel with my music in my tour bus and before each concert, tons of people always ask “Where did you get that gorgeous guitar”. Normally, I am playing my Country Gentlemen. It is beautiful. My guitarist/husband also has one, we play the twin Country Gentlemen’s on stage together.

    Take care and thank’s again for making some of the finest guitar’s I have ever played!