Gretsch “Setup And Play” Drumsets
Talk About User Friendly!

August 5th, 2002

If you’re eager to get playing on some nifty new gear, Kaman Music Corporation (manufacturer and worldwide distributor of Gretsch drum products) has a deal for you. Their new “Set Up and Play” drumset packages feature Gretsch drums, Gibraltar hardware, and Sabian cymbals.

With an eye to affordability, the new packages offer the most popular Gretsch Blackhawk, Catalina Elite, Catalina Stage, and Renown Maple series shell packs, Gibraltar 5600 and 6600 series hardware, and the player’s choice of Sabian Solar, B8, B8 Pro, and Pro Sonix Performance Pack cymbal sets. The packages give the drummer an opportunity to build a complete drumset with cymbals, featuring top percussion brands and added-value savings. Retail prices for “Set Up And Play” packages start at $999.

Also from Gretsch is word that new production schedules have been set up to drastically reduce lead time of the more popular colors and configurations from the Custom Series offering. The new Custom Drum Shell Bank offers the most popular drumset configurations in Gretsch’s high-gloss lacquer finishes. Delivery time will now be reduced to six weeks from the previous figure of twenty-four. In addition, all Nitron covered single drums in classic sparkles, pearls, and solid finishes will now be delivered within ten weeks from order date.

Summer Nashville NAMM – 2002! Music City America

July 22nd, 2002

Gretsch Booth – 1003

Gretsch Yes, it was another hot time hanging on the corner in Nashville with Gretsch at booth 1003. Folks from all over stopped by to say “hi” and check out all the Gretsch Products including: Drums, Guitars and Gear.

Those interested in the finest drums on the planet were treated to Custom Series, Grand Prix Walnut, Jazz Blue Pearls and of course, the legendary 6 ply snares; second-to-none in the business. It was a real treat for those who appreciate hand workmanship using the best materials; continuing in the Gretsch tradition since 1883. We happened to hear a great player lay down some beats on a USA Maple kit with a satin blue oil finish. Hands down, it was the best sounding kit on the floor: the kick was round and warm….tight(in the pocket) snare…..the toms were full and perfectly balanced….The overall sound can best be described as “satisfying.” Read the rest of this entry »

Elliot Easton Visits Gretsch Factory Hilton Head Concert With CCR

July 17th, 2002

Factory Tour

Gretsch Gretsch artist, Elliot Easton, recently made a stop at the Gretsch guitar factory while on tour with Creedence Clearwater Revisited. The band was scheduled to perform at the beautiful Harbour Town Resort on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Before the show, Elliot took time to visit the Ridgeland S.C. Plant to check out the recent developments from Gretsch guitars. Elliot was stunned when he saw the over whelming display of sweet looking lefties! Accompanied by President, Fred Gretsch, Elliot sampled a few choice axes fresh from the factory floor, including a few of his namesake, Signature Model Jets as well as an incredible Smoke Green Anniversary, a Synchromatic Historic, a “Get Square” Bo Diddley and a beautiful ‘59 Re-Issue White Falcon. Read the rest of this entry »

Did You Know that Jeff Porcaro Preferred Gretsch Drums in the Studio?

July 10th, 2002

Jeff Porcaro’s music lives on 10 years after his sudden death in August of 1992. The excerpt below is taken from the August 2002 issue of Modern Drummer. In the article, Jeff’s long-time drum tech talks about the gifted musicians’ set up and his almost exclusive use of Gretsch drums in the studio.

Modern Drummer – August 2002

Paul Jamieson, who now runs Paul Jamieson Studio Rentals, worked with Jeff from 1975 through 1988. He was Jeff’s drum tech and confidante. Although Jeff always shied away from talking about equipment in his interviews, Jamieson says he definitely had certain preferences and pet peeves.

“When we recorded the first Toto album at Studio 55, he used one of my Gretsch drumsets, which were the same sizes as the Ludwig kit. He played Gretsch drums in the studio from that minute on. From there, I built him a Gretsch kit that he used on Boz’s tours. Read the rest of this entry »…Now Open!

July 4th, 2002

The Gretsch Company is happy to announce the opening of the Gretsch Online Store,

Players and enthusiasts can now enjoy a piece of the Gretsch tradition with apparel, accessories and collectibles. All merchandise will feature the original designs and logos that identify Gretsch as an American Classic. This stuff is cool!

The Online Store is the only place you’ll find this exclusive merchandise that celebrates over 100 years of Gretsch. Whether it’s a Drum T-shirt or a Guitar Catalog circa 1950, you’ll definitely find what you need at the Online Store. Many items are available only in limited production and may not be re-produced.

Be sure to visit often as new products will be added and you won’t want to miss a thing. We’re just getting started!

Your Official Home for Gretsch Merchandise!

John Entwistle, Gone But Not Forgotten
Bassist for the rock band The Who

June 27th, 2002

By KEN RITTER, Associated Press Writer

John Entwistle LAS VEGAS (AP) – John Entwistle, the bassist for the rock band The Who, was found dead Thursday in his hotel room of an apparent heart attack. He was 57.

Entwistle, a founding member of the band, stood out because he played without emotion, a stark contrast to the antics of lead guitarist Pete Townshend and lead singer Roger Daltrey. Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t Miss Your Chance To Win This Great Gretsch Drum Gear!

May 2nd, 2002

Kaman Music and Drum Magazine have gotten together to create this incredible Gretsch drum giveaway. You can get more information and complete an entry form by picking up a copy of the latest issue of Drum Magazine. You may enter as many times as you wish, but only one bound-in entry card per issue will be accepted per respondent. The drawing will take place September 9th 2002, so get your entries in early! Read the rest of this entry »

Elliot Easton Exclusive Interview
Picking Up The Guitar At Age 3!

April 24th, 2002

As lead guitarist for 18 years with The Cars. Elliot has sold over 30 million records worldwide. Well respected in the guitar community, Elliot’s reputation is that of a tasteful musician with a knack for coming up with memorable solos, great tones and an uncanny ear for creating “hooks” on pop records.

He is also an enthusiastic fan of the guitar itself, and for many years has been a presence in vintage guitar circles, Texas vintage shows, NAMM etc.

In recent years Elliot has recorded and performed with many respected artists and is currently working with Stu Cook and Doug Clifford of Creedence Clearwater Revisted.

Gretsch Headline News caught up with Elliot on his recent CCR tour for this exclusive interview. Read the rest of this entry »