Ruben Ruiz: ‘Nsync’s Guitarist Tours the World with Thousands of Screaming Fans … and Gretsch Guitars!

The guitarist for one of the hottest vocal quintet acts on the planet loves music, comic books, Orlando, Playstation – and his Brian Setzer Gretsch guitars. In exchange for using a friend’s studio facility (Backstreet Boys, producer Veit Renn) at no cost for Ruiz’s “Principal” band project, Ruben agreed to play a guitar track on a demo song for a new group called “‘Nsync.” When the group exploded up the pop charts, Ruben was asked to join the vocal group’s band to play guitar and keyboard. The last three years has seen the quintet rise to become one of the biggest tickets in the world. In fact the group won numerous 2000 Billboard Awards including Album of the Year (“No Strings Attached”), Top 40 Artist of the Year, and a special award for the biggest one-week sales ever (over 2.4 million units). Onstage’ Ruben has to compete with lasers, videos, banks of lights, and thousands of screaming fans, but his dazzling purple Gretsch Brian Setzer Hot Rod and highly flamed orange Gretsch Setzer 6120 guitars more than hold their own.

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