Vinnie Colaiuta World-Wide Clinc Tour
The Gretsch Company announced dates

The Vinnie Colaiuta world clinic tour has been postponed until next year. The recent tragic events that have occurred in the USA have led us to a very serious and difficult reassessment of whether to continue with the Vinnie Colaiuta world clinic tour. Considering all the factors involved and after consultations with Vinnie himself, we have made the decision to postpone the tour until next year.

We believe that the safety of all those involved in the execution of the tour should be of singular importance. We do not wish to force Vinnie’s participation in the tour nor that of any of the staff that would be accompanying him while such concerns over safety exist. Unfortunately there is no telling when such safety might once more be firmly assured. For these reasons, we believe that caution and good sense requires us to postpone the tour until next year.

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